Family roots, a guarantee of quality

In 1967, after a long way of experience at the cider sector (first at the disappeared Villabona Llagar and later as part of the El Bombé Llagar society), Manolo Zapatero decides to create on his own a new enterprise; it will be named, Sidra Zapatero. After years of experience, Sidra Zapatero is consolidated as one of the best ciders in Asturias. But during these years the cider used to not use identification labels and a concurrent taking advantage of this situation stoles the mark. Due to this setback, this outstanding cider has to be renamed as Sidra M. Zapatero. This little change that, born out by experience and respect from all the sector, was enough to differentiate it from its competitors.

Since 2011, when occurred the death of the one that the press called “The cider master”, the daughters of Manolo Zapatero were not only in charge of the Llagar, but also heiress his love for the sector. Nowadays they keep same processes and guarantee of quality.