The importance of the cider-pouring

During the cider pouring the stream breaks against the glass, due to this fact a correct pouring is essential. It is during this process that oxygen of the air became mixed with the carbonic of the cider and so, its organoleptic characteristics achieve its significance and importance. And then get the sparkling. To pour is considered as an art in Asturias: the straight posture, without being stiff; the arm sustaining the bottle over the head. The arm holding the glass, straighten down with the little finger positioning on the bottom of the bottle.

The glass must be hold by the thumb and index fingers with the middle finger on the bottom of the glass and the ring and little fingers gathered inside the hand. The glass must be fixed at the center of the body; the cider is the one to get through the glass.To serve the cider-glass it is recommended to quit the thumb in order to easier the picked up.