Summer time and popular field festivals

In spring, after the cider festival, it starts to celebrating thought Asturias the popular field festivals, which will be altering over the region till end of August.

These multitudinous field meetings try to recover the community spirit from old times, turning around the asturian tradition and of course, the gastronomy and the cider. During these festivals there are pouring contests, apple markets, cider tastings, traditional Asturian music concerts, popular dances… But overall, food and cider to be share among the people at the field.

The most popular field festival are, “Tuesday-in-the-field” in Oviedo, the “Carmín” in Pola de Siero, S. Timothy in Luarca, the “Xiringüelu” in Pravia, the Discharge in Cangas del Narcea, the Martyrs of Cuna in Mieres…